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Get Fit & Shine


Be ready cause it because it starts tomorrow.

No equipment is required for now. 

Have a water bottle ready; tomorrows workout will be 12 minutes for beginners and 18 minutes for intermediates.

You may want to take pictures or measurements of yourself before we start our journey.  Scale is not always the way to go…  Stay away from it!!!

Although i said no equipment, to be able to optimize our workout it  would be great to have an Interval timer

Check HERE if you dont have a GymBoss or an app on your phone.

This is the setup we will need:


Let me know if you have any questions



Feeling sore?

Neck painYou just started to workout? Today is your rest day, it’s well deserved.  Let me guess, you feel sore, right?

No panic! It’s normal to feel sore. Most people will begin to experience soreness, 24 hours to 48 hours after a workout.  Why? When our body is performing an unaccustomed exercise, the muscle rapidly adapts to reduce further damage from the same exercise and that result into mechanical damage, micro trauma and stress in muscle tissue. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. So don’t worry, after your workout, your muscle begins to rebuild itself and the rebuilding process which creates, bigger and stronger new muscle. In other words, your muscles are growing.

You can avoid or limit DOMS by performing a five to ten minutes warm-up or  light activity followed by stretching.  Also remember that keeping your muscles moving with a cool-down, stretching and massage can reduce the symptoms of your soreness.