My life ain’t a race… 


Throughout the years I’ve learned that it’s useless to keep going and train while been sick.
My life ain’t a race, it’s more like a journey.

True fact: I need to repeat 3 times to truly believe it and slow down!

Meanwhile here’s some tricks to get back on track “quickly”:

  1. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.  Drink  enough water, broth or hot herbal tea. Try to stay away from alcohol or coffee as they may dehydrate you.
  2. Get some rest, listento your body and  do nothing. Get your Netflix on and relax.
  3. Gargling with salted water. Drop 1/2tsp of salt in 250ml of warm water. Will help to make your sore throat feel better and prevent further infection.
  4. Take your daily dose Vitamin C and multivitamins.

So let’s rest… the gym will still be there once I get better… Right?

Until next time LuzFitFam,

Much love