I know it’s been a long time… But I’m back and let’s motivate each others. Who is in?

They say it takes a village to raise a kid. Than a community will, for sure help to get healthier! I had a goal to train 225 times this year. I’m currently at 162 of 225, I won’t make it alone.

That’s why I’m reaching out and asking for your help.
For the next four weeks, I invite you to login your workouts with #goal225 Whether you do Yoga, Pilates, cycling, 4min HIIT, Weightlifting, walkin, running, any physical activity is good. You pick what is best and, let us know! #goal225

Come and join us here!

At the end of part the four weeks there will be a few surprises!


Eat clean


Step one of a healthy lifestyle is to start eating clean food. The close your food is from its original stage the better it is!

Better living one step at the time !